Many facets of our skill set came into play during the filming of James Bond "Die Another Day", from our expertise in sea/lake ice operations to ice climbing for anchoring cables on this SFX ballistics scene. 

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Selected Biography of Film Projects 

Warner Bros Productions Ltd  - Batman Begins

EON Productions/MGM - James Bond “Die Another Day”

IMAX® - Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure

Selected Biography of Television Projects

Keo Films/BBC - Blizzard: Race to the Pole

Working for Poles Apart, we handled the complicated field safety required to safeguard nearly 20 people each spending 100 days on the Greenland icecap filming this recreation of the Scott and Amundsen journeys to the South Pole.

Responsibilities included: Advising on the design of a route of 1500 miles, which stretched from the coastal mountains and glaciers up onto the icecap; Aerial reconnaissance of crevassed and high-risk areas; Advising on communications and emergency response plans; Organising the field support equipment for the film crews; Implementing the field training programme in Tasiilaq; Guiding of film crews accompanying the Amundsen recreation team; Advising on resupply strategy.

Firstsight Films/Channel 4 - Shackleton

Granada Television - Where The Heart Is

WGBH Nova - Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance

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