Many facets of our skill set came into play during the filming of James Bond "Die Another Day", from our expertise in sea/lake ice operations to ice climbing for anchoring cables on this SFX ballistics scene. 

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Selected Biography of Film Projects 

Warner Bros Productions Ltd  - Batman Begins

EON Productions/MGM - James Bond “Die Another Day”

IMAX® - Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure

Selected Biography of Television Projects

Keo Films/BBC - Blizzard: Race to the Pole

Firstsight Films/Channel 4 - Shackleton

This production was one of the biggest dramatic film shoots that has ever been conducted on sea-ice.  Working for Poles Apart, we advised on locations, safety and logistics. The preparations for this groundbreaking production were extensive.

Responsibilities included: Field safety to the film crew and actors whilst filming offshore in small boats, on sea ice and in the mountains of East Greenland.

Granada Television - Where The Heart Is

WGBH Nova - Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance

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